International Group for Humanitarian Assistance

Besme International Group announces an open registration for a new “Carpet Weaving Training Course” in Aydamoun and Kweshra.

أضحى مبارك من فريق عمل مجموعة بسمة الدولية للمساعدة الانسانية

Turkish Language courses

Besme Support for Children

In an attempt to draw a smile on children’s faces, and help families in their time of need; Besme in collaboration with Lebanese Food Bank distributed 505 boxes of Nido milk to 2154 Lebanese children in Hasbaya Al-Arqoub, Jdaidit Marjayoun, Mimes Hasbaya, West Bekaa and Tripoli during the month of July 2016. The same amount of milk boxes will be distributed to the children between the ages of 4 and 12 during the months of August, September and October 2016. In order to grow a healthy society,…

Besme Support for Non-Violence

Besme contributed to the “Non-Violence in Colors” event organized by AUNOHR in Horsh Beirut. As a proof of Besme’s priority on peace and non-violence, Besme was an important part of the event with providing the attendance of the Iraqi youth and kids to this peaceful event.

Besme Trip for Young Photographers from AUB

As a part of the collaborative project between Besme and the American University of Beirut, « New vision: Click for the Society », Besme organized a field trip to the Nour Camp in Bekaa Valley, where Syrian refugees are settled. The overall goal of this trip is to give the opportunity to AUB students to experience the NGO photography through applying theoretical knowledge on photography skills and techniques, which they collected from the courses arranged by Besme under the supervision…


Besme Aid to the receiving society as well as Syrian refugees is crucial to ease difficulties stemming from Syrian crisis. As relief for Eid Al-Fitr, Besme in collaboration with Lebanese Food Bank distributed 100 food boxes to Lebanese people in Wadi Khaled region with the guidance of Wadi Khaled Municipality and ex-member of Parliament Mr. Jamal Ismail.  

Relief Distribution for Ramadan

Being involved in crisis management we believe the vital importance of thrusting out a hand to people in conflict-affected regions. We cannot disregard Syrian displaced people. Besme in collaboration with Arees University distributed 100 food boxes through Sawa for Development and Aid Organisation for Ramadan Eid to the Syrian displaced people living in very hard conditions in Beirut.

Literacy Training From Besme and Jil Mustakbel

Besme Support for Youth Empowerment

Besme International Group for Humanitarian Assistance in collaboration with American University of Beirut Center for Civic Engagement and Community Service has launched a new project called “New Vision: Click for the Society”, an initiative on NGO photography, which will focus on visual storytelling. An introductory meeting of the project was held at AUB on 17 May 2016 with the presence of General Manager of Besme Mrs. Gulshan Saghlam, Deputy General Manager of Besme Mr. Niyazi Gunesh…

Besme Support Organized Workshop “Spreading Culture of Human Rights”

Besme Support in collaboration with Arab Center for International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights Education in France organized a training workshop for youth under the title “Spreading Culture of Human Rights” in Besme office in Ashrafieh.   First, General Manager of Besme Gulshan Saglam welcome “the youth attendees for the workshop”, consider “their role is essential in building the society”. She spoke about the importance of this workshop and said: “through…

Besme Support for Young Palestinian Refugees on Media

Besme and Nashet Social and Cultural Association organized a launching event for the new project “Youth Cinema and Media” on 13 May 2016 at Ayn El-Hilweh Palestinian Refugee Camp in Saida.  Mr. Zafer Al-Khatib, Chairman of Nashet, Mrs. Gulshan Saglam, the General Manager of Besme, Mr. Niyazi G.Atay, Deputy General Manager of Besme, Fatma Atay, Project Manager of Besme, Dr. Ramzi Awad the Director of Arab Training Center, Mahmoud Briech and Haitham Abou Ghizlan were present during…

Besme Support For Health In Yemen Was Honored By Al-Thawra General Hospital Authority

Under the auspices of the province Governor Mr. Ali Al-Maamari, Al-Thawra General Hospital in Taiz, in collaboration with the Supreme Medical Committee, organizes a ceremony in honour of supporting organizations and parties for the emergency center in providing service to the people of Taiz in order to continue the medical work. At the ceremony Besme Group for Humanitarian Assistance was honored for its effective role in supporting the Internal Emergency Center that is considered the only Internal…

Besme attended the NGO fair of AUB

Besme attended the Annual NGO fair organized by The Center for Civic Engagement and Community Service at AUB in April 2016. With the aim of instilling the civic engagement within AUB students and supporting them to gain experience in NGO field, BESME introduced itself in the fair. BESME believes that supporting youth and interacting with other NGOs which are working in the field of humanitarian assistance will help to promote solidarity.

Besme Support for Agricultural Cooperatives in South Lebanon

Besme International Group for Humanitarian Assistance provided agricultural equipments, knapsack sprayers and saws for agricultural cooperatives, municipalities and to mayors of Hasbaya and Marjayoun villages as part of a plan to improve and support the agricultural sector in the border area. Reception was held on this occasion at Dana Hotel and Resort at Ibil Es-Saqi in the presence of presidents of municipalities, mayors, presidents of the agricultural cooperatives, officers from the UNIFIL Indian…

Besme Support for Health in Yemen

In coordination with Human Rigths Information and Training Center (HRITC), Besme International Group financed the opening of an emergency center, which specialized in internal diseases and kidney failures, as a part of Al Thawra Hospital in Taiz CIty in Yemen. Mrs. Gulshan Saglam, the General Manager of Besme, underlines the significance of the center due to the fact that most departments in governmental hospitals were closed as a result of the fiscal deficit in the country. Tazi province has long…

Besme Annual Report for 2015

General Manager of Besme Gulshan Saglam announced through a press conference “the annual report for Besme activities for 2015”, saying “It’s a successful investment year and efficient for Besme”    Saglam said: “our vision is to draw smile on people’s face through contributing in improving their quality of life by humanitarian providing and find sustainable projects that help people to live a good life in human rights approach."   …

BESME as the representative the University of Kyrenia


Besme Community Center

Besme team is working hard on the construction of community center in Hebbarieh/Hasbaya. Thanks to Mr. Yassin Youssef’s donation of land to Besme in October 2014, we are building a multi-purpose social facility, in which training programs and conferences might also be held for which the first stone laid in April 2015. The construction is planned to be finished in October 2015. We believe that it will help the cultural and social development of Hebbarieh as well as its neighbor villages. …